aroma mists

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Relax Mist $23

This was my first mist, the essential oils of lavender, geranium, clary sage and petitgrain are dear to my heart. With a little spritz these treasures create rock pool stillness…


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Sunshine Mist $23

Some days you just need a lift. Geranium, bergamot and orange are intimate buddies. I have shared in their buoyancy many a rainy day. When staying in bed feels like an easier option, Sunshine Mist cradles your joy to help you rise.


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Smudge Mist $23

You know when your home needs a ‘smudge’, the air just feels stale. Sometimes we feel like this too… Open the windows of your home and heart to the fresh breeze of frankincense, cypress, juniper and lemon. We all need a fresh canvas.